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A good way for a small business to grow its audience is by using social media contests. Offering a prize or reward in exchange for audience actions, such as following a Facebook company page, can help a business scale up its strategy. Here is how to optimize social media contests to achieve the best ROI possible.

Pick the Right Type of Contest

Optimizing Social Media ContestsFirst, there is a range of contest types for small businesses. There are those contests where you ask people to like and share content or contests that demand people first buy a product. There are also contests that require users submit content, whether it be providing a simple caption to a photograph or a more intensive submission such as a photo or video.

What Will the Contest Incentive Be?

The right incentive for your social media contest will depend on your industry, what you sell and who is your target audience. You might choose to give away one of your products or services to the contest winner. Alternatively, if what you sell is expensive, you might opt for a cheaper alternative, such as an Amazon gift card.

Choose the Social Media Platform

Once you select the type of social media contest for your small business to hold, the next step is to select the best platform to hold it. For example, Instagram is a great choice for a photo submission contest.

Tips on Promotion

The best way to let people know about your social media contest is by promoting it online. Use different words and images to do so and share your promotions at different times of the day on the platform where you will hold the contest.

Photos, in particular, are a great way to create excitement about the contest as people respond well to visuals on social media. Increase the frequency of your posts to promote the contest closer to its deadline.

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