What Makes a Website Great?

When it comes to building a website for your small business, make sure it is as effective as possible. This means that is attractive, easy to use, search engine optimized, and contains quality content. Let’s discuss each of these points in more details.

Components of a Effective Website

What Makes a Website Great?Attractiveness

The look of your website needs to be professional and refined so that it presents your small business in the best light possible. If it impresses a customer on the initial visit, then this person is more likely to buy from you or at least think highly of your company, which can mean a sale later down the line.

Specifically, a great-looking website is one that has clear, high-quality photos and is easy to read. Font size for paragraph content is usually best at 10-12pts. Also, choose colors that fit with the mood of your company and complement one another.

Easy to Use

For customers, being able to both read and understand the text on your small business website is important. Only then can they learn more about what you sell, which will compel them to buy your products or services. They also must be able to navigate your site easily. If not, they are more likely to leave it and go to a competitor’s platform.

Keep customers on your website by ensuring the pages load quickly and requiring minimal scroll, particularly on the front page. Attractive design, which we earlier discussed, will make it easier to use too.

Quality Content

A great website is one that contains useful information, has a professional tone of voice, and follows the language rules for spelling and grammar. If any of these elements are not followed, the website can provide a poor representation of your company, making your business look amateurish. If the customer does not take you seriously, then you are much less likely to get this individual to buy from you.

Search Engine Optimized

While this topic is very complex, we will just lay out the basics of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Firstly, use a lot of HTML for the written content on your small business website. After doing research, use the best keywords for each page to drive traffic to your site. Use these keywords in the link text whenever possible to give more value to the links.

Creating a Logo for Your Business
Why You Need a Website

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