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Your homepage is your first impression to a potential customer. As a small business owner, you want the page to look its best. Here are tips for you to start using right away.

Small Business Homepage Design Tips

Homepage Design TipsSimplify the Page

Do not put so much detail into the homepage that it overwhelms a person looking at it or takes forever to load fully. If you have a lot of information to share, then spread it over category or channel pages on your small business website.

What your page should communicate is simple: your product or service name, short slogan, and an amazing image.

Link Correctly

Be sure to link from your homepage to pertinent pages. Key pages to have are the about page, product description, and contact page.

Use of Images

If you are not using images you took yourself, then make sure that you only use images with a creative commons license (denoted as “CC”) online. Otherwise, you may not be able to use legally the images on your website.

Social Media Details

If your small business is active on certain social media networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, then link to them via your homepage. But, do not link to these networks if you don’t plan to stay current there as it doesn’t look good when someone clicks through and sees you haven’t Tweeted anything in six weeks.

Choose Design Carefully

The homepage design, from typography to color, should be consistent with your brand. Become recognizable for certain features and extend those signature things to your social media networks, business cards, and other places where you market your company.

Be Fun

Have an original, playful element that makes your small business homepage design stand out from the competition. An example is including fun avatars or cartoons. But only do so if you can tie the quirkiness into your brand seamlessly.

These tips will help you create a template for your small business. As your company develops and website technology advances, you will likely need to revamp the homepage to accommodate your needs and expectations of your online audience.

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