Using Facebook’s New ‘Reactions’ for Content Ideas

Facebook is always updating its features. The newest feature called Facebook Reactions can help you as a small business owner craft content that appeals to your target audience.

Getting Familiar with ‘Facebook Reactions’

Using Facebook’s New ‘Reactions’ for Content IdeasWith the Reactions feature, Facebook users now have more options than to just “like” a post. They now can choose from five different buttons that each provides an emotion toward the content. The five options are “love,” “haha,” “wow,” “angry,” and “sad.”

How users press the buttons can give small businesses insights into how people feel about their content. It can also be a helpful tool to create content that appeals more to the target audience.

Sharing the ‘Love’ on Facebook

The “love” Facebook Reactions, for example, provide a stronger positive reaction than does the “like.” If you are also getting comments and shares of the post, then that tells you that your small business is on the right track with its content creation. To get more “love,” you might try sharing positive consumer reviews on your small business Facebook page.

Funny Facebook Reactions Feature

If you want to find out if your posts make people laugh, share posts that inspire users to click the “haha” Facebook Reactions feature. But, always make sure that the content relates to your brand and is not inappropriate or offensive. The “haha” button is a happy one, so it’s a good sign if users click it.

‘Wow’ Facebook Reactions

As for the “wow” Facebook reactions, if users press it then you are likely creating content that is compelling and will get a lot of comments too on the posts. Perhaps you can post solutions to common consumer problems or surprising facts about your business industry.

Facebook Reactions can be ‘Sad’ or ‘Angry’

When a Facebook user clicks the “sad” button, it shows a face with a single teardrop. Consumers feel sad reading the content you post, such as a touching story or a campaign you are urging people to donate to soon. Avoid posting this type of content too often though or it can make emotionally drain people.

Probably making your shoppers angry is not advisable. But, content that generates strong emotions can spur shares of your Facebook post and get people talking about your brand, which means more visibility. Just be sure to balance controversy with happy and laughable moments too.

Facebook's New 'Reactions' Videos


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