Tips on Moving Your Business

Figuring out how to move your business location without losing money due to lower productivity can seem overwhelming. But with these tips, you can learn how to change locations effectively and efficiently.

Plan the Move

Tips on Moving Your BusinessThe planning stage can save you time and money. Organize what needs moving. Does everything need to go to the new location? If there are large items, how would they best be moved?

Also, make lists of who will move which furniture and the timeline for doing so. Assign duties relating to the move to key people in your business.

Will New Be Better Than Old?

In some cases, you may not want to move old furniture or computers. Instead, it might make more sense to set up new versions in the new location. Moving might be the incentive to upgrade PCs or photocopiers to newer models, for example.

Instead of just tossing the old items, consider donating them locally. You can write off the donation on your next tax form.

Keep Track of Inventory

To ensure everything you want to move gets to the new location of your small business safely, make an inventory of each item. This way nothing gets lost along the way. Looking over the inventory, which is likely best done on a spreadsheet, can also give you a good idea of how big of a moving truck you need and which items need to be specially packed.

Pack Properly

Invest in the right packing supplies for moving your small business. Get different sizes of boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, packing paper, permanent markers, and labels. Also, research the movers to make sure you use ones that are trustworthy and reliable; read online reviews and contact references as part of the research process.

Pack your valuable items properly to save having to replace them if they get broken during the move. For example, put bubble wrap around computers and monitors before putting them into special boxes.

Tell Clients

Notify clients or the public (or both) of your move. On the front of your small business, put up signs of the move and direct them to the new location. Professional storefront signs can be made fairly quickly, as can change-of-address cards to send to clients.

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