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Ramp up your small business sales by getting creative when it comes to holiday marketing campaigns. Sure, there are the big holidays like Easter, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day, but why not also use lesser-known celebrations to your advantage? Let us explain.

Benefits of Holiday Marketing

Holiday Marketing CampaignsUse Obscure Holidays to Your Advantage

You can create marketing campaigns that celebrate obscure days like Single’s Day. Did you know there is a Single’s Day? It was created back in the ‘90s as a way for singles to celebrate their freedom just as couples celebrate their partnerships on Valentine’s Day.

In your small business marketing campaign, do not create new holidays but, instead, make the most of the ones that exist but just aren’t that not that popular.

How to Create These Holiday Marketing Campaigns

Start by tying your sales in inventive ways to unique holidays. You can easily research them, and there are days all through the year – in fact, there’s one every single day! From Festival of Sleep Day on January 3 to Sister’s Day, which is the first Sunday in August, there is always something to celebrate.

Look for a holiday that fits with your target audience, brand, and the products you want to push. But be sure to time it right as you don’t want to miss the big days like Christmas Day. Put your own spin on the obscure holidays; for example, the Festival of Sleep Day we mentioned earlier could be a great time to put one of the pillows you sell on sale or to explain the calming benefits of the vitamin line you carry.

Promote, Promote, Promote!

Once you have your customers interested, you can start to make sales off your holiday marketing campaign. To entice them, promote your small business campaign on your social networks. Create related videos to put on Twitter, post photos on Facebook and create original blog content.

And don’t forget that celebrations are supposed to be fun so have a blast with this marketing campaign!

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