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You can no longer ignore the power of social media, even for a small business. It is not just for the bigger players in the market. Almost every person now has a social media account and turns to social media to help make buying decisions. So, now that you know you need to concentrate your ads there, what are the key practices of social media marketing for small businesses to achieve success? Here you go.

Generate Social Referrals

Social Media Marketing: Key PracticesThe term “social referrals” essentially refers to word-of-mouth advertising that occurs on social media platforms. When you get referral traffic from social media, you have the opportunity to grow your consumer base and get more eyes on your product or service.

Social media can be an important source of referral traffic, but you have to know which network your audience is flocking to and center it there. For example, if your target users are visual, Pinterest or Instagram are great places to share images and videos, while if they prefer reading content then blogging or LinkedIn are likely better choices.

Do Your Research

Of course, your small business should not base its social media marketing plan on guesswork. Your team should analyze trends, determine your ideal customers, research competitors and select channels based on where your audience is flocking. Also, determine your budget and amount of resources you can afford to put toward the marketing efforts.

Don’t Just Boost Traffic – Focus on Quality Traffic

Read that sub-heading again. It is very important. You can get traffic that comes to your site for a second and then leaves, but that’s not the kind that you want to attract. It can hurt your SEO ratings, not to mention that they’re not hanging around long enough to buy anything from your small business.

Instead, get quality visitors to your website by reaching out to a broad demographic. YouTube, for example, appeals to all ages because it contains something for everyone. But make sure what you produce is high quality or customers won’t give it any attention.

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