Why You Need to Take that Lunch Break

If you think taking a rest for lunchtime is for sissies, think again. Even if you feel you will be rewarded for looking like you’re working harder by shortening your lunchtime or not taking the rest period at all, skipping it can have damaging effects on your small business. Take your lunch break, and here is why.

You’re More Productive When You Eat

Why You Need to Take that Lunch BreakIf you skip lunch in favor of getting more work done, you are actually going to end up doing the opposite. When you go long periods without eating, your blood glucose levels drop, and the body feels fatigued. Your attention span reduces too.

Imagine if your employees or you are feeling this way. The work will be less than optimal and likely take longer to finish than if you took the lunch break.

Make Healthy Food Choices

Plus, when you go without eating too long you are more likely to make quick, unhealthy decisions due to hunger. As a result, you are doing a disservice to your body.

Unhealthy eating habits can lead to less energetic employees who are not working as hard as they could be for your small business. They may also be compromising their immune systems by eating less than wholesome and increase their chances of becoming sick instead.

Taking a Break is Helpful

Breaking in the day for lunch can also reduce eyestrain and headaches, as well as back pain that can come from sitting for long periods. Breaks also give employees time to communicate with one another, helping them become more of a united force that works for the betterment of your small business. They will be more likely to collaborate successfully on your project when they build rapport, which can happen when they eat meals together.

In other words, taking a lunch break is part of a strategy to work smarter rather than harder. So, eat up and relax on your next break.


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