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Marketing your small business to millennials can be less than easy. They grew up in the technological age, with a smartphone in one hand as they ate with the other one. But this group is key to helping your product or service go viral and when you market effectively to them, you stand to get major sales. They make up about a quarter of the U.S. population. Here’s how to reach millennials when they are part of your target audience.

Focus on Mobile

Marketing to Millennials as a Small BusinessIf your website is not mobile optimized, you need to get on this task right now. Millennials love using their smartphones for shopping and doing research before buying things so make sure your brand or company has optimized mobile performance. Don’t let a slow-loading website drive young adults to your competitors’ sites.

Have Authenticity

Millennials see right through fake messages online. They want your small business to speak to them in a genuine voice and understand their needs. Be real with millennial customers if you want them to support your brand. Appeal to them on a personal level by asking them questions about their lifestyles that relate to your product or service. You might also consider giving to a cause as many millennials are more will willing to make a purchase from a company that does so.

Show Personality

On a related note, strengthen the personality behind your small business brand. If you haven’t thought of this point before, you should now. Once you have a personality, support it through your social media activity and other marketing choices. Then millennials are more likely to see your small business as a friend rather than someone just trying to get their money. Build a connection and enjoy having repeat customers who are millennials.

Appeal to potential millennial clientele as they have direct buying power and can influence older people too. Use the tips above to market effectively to them.



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