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If you want to improve your work productivity, the key may be putting the chair to the side. What do we mean? Standing while working can benefit you at the office.

Research on Standing at Work

Benefits of Standing While WorkingResearchers at the Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health recently discovered the perks of standing at your desk. The study compared the productivity of employees at traditional desks with seats to employees who could raise or lower their desks. The research team noted that standing employees were approximately 46 percent more productive than the seated employees.

But, don’t worry, you won’t have to stand all day to get that type of result. The researchers noted that the participants with standing desks only sat about one-and-a-half hours less than the traditionally seated people. So, simply standing now and then can make a huge difference to productivity levels.

Implications for Small Business Owners

What the study results mean for an owner of a small business is that you may want to reconsider how you organize the office. If you provide standing desks to people in your company, the initial costs of purchasing them can be earned back by the increases in productivity coming your way. A small change can have a big improvement to your business!

Alternative options are to encourage your team to take breaks to walk and have the option of just using standing desks on certain days rather than all of the time. You will be helping your small business team members to be healthy and feel better by combating a sedentary lifestyle.

As well, the standing desks can potentially improve profits by upping productivity levels. Additional benefits of standing more at work can be that people in your small business feel more satisfied in their work roles. You can have a positive impact as a small business owner!

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