Logo Redesign and Update

Refreshing your logo might be a good idea for your business, and here’s why. This article also reveals how and when you’ll know when your logo needs updating.

Refreshing Your Logo in These Instances

Logo Redesign and UpdateThink of your logo as your first impression. You wouldn’t want to show up with shirt untucked or hair uncombed at a business meeting in-person. But every day there are companies with sloppy logos or ones that don’t reflect the values and spirit of the company.

If your logo is outdated, it might need a makeover. Don’t start off on a bad foot with a potential customer or turn off an existing customer; instead, refreshing your logo may be the best next step.

Moreover, a strong logo is a great way to stand apart from the crowd, particularly in a busy online marketplace like the one that surrounds us today. If your logo looks like another company or doesn’t reflect your organizations, it can puzzle potential buyers and even make them mistrust your small business.

Does this all sounds too familiar? If so, refreshing your logo can help you create a memorable logo that also clearly represents what your brand stands for.

Logo Redesign: A Normal Part of a Growing Company

The reality is that there’s nothing wrong with refreshing your logo. As your small business evolves, its goals can change, along with alterations to products or services, and you may even tweak its purpose over time.

Look at your logo and ask yourself if it still strongly represents your company. If not, refreshing your logo ought to be high on the to-do list.

How to Update Your Logo

Now that you’ve decided it’s time to change your small business’ logo, how do you go about it? Start by thinking about your logo as a visual representation of your organization’s purpose. But don’t get too complex with the logo; the best ones are simple and iconic.

The best way to get a new logo design is to go outside your company. Using a third-party designer is ideal because you and your team are too far “inside” the company to have an objective view of it. Once you receive a draft of a logo, test it on people who have never heard of your small business before. Get their honest opinions on what the logo conveys to them about your company and the emotions they feel upon seeing it.

Remember that you will have to maintain this logo as your small business expands. Assess your logo now and then and refresh it as necessary.

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