How to Improve Customer Service

Do you want to provide even better customer service in your small business? According to a recent Salesforce.com survey, here is what close to 2,000 global companies who are leading the way in customer service have to say about how to improve this area of your business:

Stepping Up Your Customer Service

How to Improve Customer ServiceMake Efficiency Important

Do not forget the value of efficiency in your small business. Being fast is a key part of the top people in the customer service field. By the way, customer service is important both during the purchase and after it too.

Have Certain Priorities

Great customer service is all about offering three things: service around the clock, personalized service, and fast service. Provide customer service 24/7, for example, and pay attention to the needs of the individual customer. Always pay attention to response speed too.

Meet Customer Needs

As for what your customers need, it is easier to predict than ever before thanks to CRM tools. Use technology to hone in on how to satisfy your small business’ target audience.

Provide Technology

Customers are more likely than ever to be heavy technological users. Empower and intrigue them by incorporating modern technologies within your product or service. For example, optimize your small business website for mobile users, create a related mobile app, and embed videos in your blog posts.

Use Self-Service Options

This point is particularly relevant to millennial customers, who typically want to figure out solutions themselves rather be told what to do. Provide self-service options for them first before offering assistance via a customer service representative. Examples are an FAQ page and a searchable database of common questions and answers.

How does your small business rank for customer service? Incorporating many or all of the above tips can help improve the level of service you provide people daily, which can improve your bottom line substantially.

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How to Improve Your Company's Customer Service

5 Ways To Improve Your Customer Service

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