Giving Your Small Business a Personality

Your small business needs a personality in order to be unique or stand out from the crowd. While no two businesses are the same, your potential audience may not know that; in this case, it is up to you to let them know how what makes you different. One great way to do so is to identify company values.

Organize Company Values

Giving Your Small Business a PersonalityThink about what you want to be known for. In other words, what does your organization stand for? What is significant to you and your small business?

The answers to these questions can help you determine a set of company values. Doing so will help you appeal to people who share the same values. It will also dictate the ways in which employees interact within the company and how to act towards clients and other groups.

Create a Vision Statement

A vision statement speaks to the future direction you want to take your small business. It gives your organization purpose and a path for getting to the goalpost. Make the statement concise and realistically attainable.

Think about Brand Traits

What are some traits of your business? Are there things that your team prides itself on or excels in? Decide on at least five traits of your brand and then highlight them in flyers and other marketing materials, including your website.

Give Your Small Business a Voice

Consider what your organization would sound like if it were to speak. What would the language be and would the tone be casual or not? By looking at this aspect of your business, you can determine what is acceptable to say and not say, in a range of situations.

Creating a Brand Identity

Essentially, a business personality is a brand persona. Once you have clear-cut values, a definitive vision statement, brand traits, and a distinctive voice, your company will have a constant direction for everyone in the organization. The result is a growing, cohesive company.

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